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Stay updated on the interfaith climate movement. Read on for the latest on religion, organizing, and climate change.

  • Jim Antal

Code Red for Humanity

In her blog, Cameron Trimble summarized the 5 takeaways from the just released IPCC Report on climate change:

  1. Humans are to blame for the warming of the planet. No debate.

  2. Temperatures are going to continue to rise.

  3. The weather is becoming more extreme.

  4. The icecaps are disappearing. Arctic summers could be free of snow.

  5. Seas are rising, and nothing we do will stop them.

Then she quoted my book Climate Church, Climate World:

Hope is the most important contribution people of faith can and must make as humanity confronts the climate crisis. To become people of hope we must be willing to stare reality in the face.

Click the image to read Cameron's blog.


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