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Stay updated on the interfaith climate movement. Read on for the latest on religion, organizing, and climate change.

  • Jim Antal

Faith Leaders and Leading Scientists Issue Joint Call for Climate Action

Woods Hole Research Center
Woods Hole Research Center's Phil Duffy and Reverend Mariama White-Hammond at the press conference announcing a joint science-faith call to climate action. Photo courtesy of the Woods Hole Research Center.

WCAI recently covered the joint science-faith call to climate action at Woods Hole Research Center. The article begins,

Dozens of Massachusetts faith leaders are partnering with leading climate scientists on a joint call to action, decrying continued failure to address climate change as “both scientifically irrational and morally indefensible.”
Phil Duffy, president of Woods Hole Research Center, was key in developing the partnership. He acknowledges that science and faith communities come at the issue of climate change from different world views and may disagree on some points, but says there is agreement on important fundamentals about the causes and consequences of climate change, and the need for action.
“Somewhat to my surprise it’s been harder to get the scientists involved than the religious leaders,” Duffy said.


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