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Stay updated on the interfaith climate movement. Read on for the latest on religion, organizing, and climate change.

  • Jim Antal

Chicago Tribune features 'Climate Church, Climate World'

The Chicago Tribune recently featured a piece titled "Do you believe in God? Then you have a moral duty to fight climate change, writes Jim Antal". The article, written by Tom Montgomery Fate, details the connection between faith and climate action as Antal describes it in his book.

The article begins,

"Jim Antal recognizes that most Americans are not engaged by the climate change issue. 'Two in three Americans think global warming is happening (67%), yet most Americans (65%) rarely or never discuss it,' he writes, citing a Yale study in his new book, 'Climate Church, Climate World.'
Antal thinks a central reason we have ignored global warming is because the problem is a 'long emergency' and overwhelming in scope. '(N)euroscientists tell us that our brains are not suited to respond appropriately to long-term threats such as climate change,'".


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