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Stay updated on the interfaith climate movement. Read on for the latest on religion, organizing, and climate change.

  • Jim Antal

UCC churches of New England work to organize progressive ‘Christian voice’

Photo by Massachusetts Conference United Church of Christ

The Boston Globe recently covered a major shift for the UCC in New England. The article begins,

United Church of Christ churches in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Connecticut agreed Saturday in a first-of-its-kind vote to join together to help launch an organized, progressive Christian voice to counter right-wing religious forces in US politics.
“The reality is that Southern Baptists don’t speak for all Christians,” said Jim Antal, the head of the UCC’s Massachusetts conference. “I hope going forward that as a consequence of what we initiated . . . there comes a religious Christian voice in America that represents the values of Jesus, which are, in fact, progressive. They are inclusive; they demand justice in ways over the past year and a half we haven’t heard a lot about.”
The churches will seek out other Christian denominations that share their values on issues like climate change, as well as racial and economic justice, to join them, Antal said.


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