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Stay updated on the interfaith climate movement. Read on for the latest on religion, organizing, and climate change.

  • Jim Antal

UCC National Synod Endorses Green New Deal with 96% vote

Updated: Jun 24, 2019

Read the resolution:

UCC becomes the first national Christian denomination to endorse the Green New Deal!!!

Read about it here:

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Nov 24, 2019

Hola Jim, I enjoyed much the workshop at Ghost Ranch. Good news! my church, Westminster Presbyterian from Santa Fe approved the Environmental Committee. The kitchen has gone reusable, compostable and non plastic, as much as possible. Eventually we well go no plastic or compostable plastic for everything as suggested by Green Peace. A natural garden with native plants and low water consumption is for the spring, with some funding from members. We plan to extend this to all members of the congregation and several already do this in their homes; also to encourage the use of electric and hybrid cars, We are also going to begin a study group or two with your book and we’ll order more i…

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